Metal Robot Flash Drive

We love robots. We love shiny stuff. We love flash drives. Combine all three and you get the Metal Robot Flash Drive. And we love it to bits.
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Steampunk Radio Tube USB Flash Drive

Not only is the Steampunk Radio Tube USB Flash Drive made from genuine radio vacuum tubes made in USSR way back in 1981, the drive actually lights up with a surreal amber glow when inserted into a USB port.
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Exotic Wooden USB Flash Drive

When done right, adding wood to any tech device instantly elevates the device to a classy and elegant device. This applies to a flash drive as well it seems as there is something about the Exotic Wooden USB Flash Drive that makes it much more desirable than a plain old USB flash drive.
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Credit Card USB Drive

The Credit Card USB Drive is the size of a standard credit card but just a tad bit thicker. That makes it just the perfect size to slip into a wallet so that you will always have a USB flash drive with you at all times.

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