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A flash drive in the shape of a miniature hard disk. We got a real kick out of this Mini Hard Disk Flash Drive. It comes in a metal casing and has authentic looking decals just like a real hard drive.

While the Mini Hard Disk Flash Drive only has 8 GB of storage that is admittedly rather small for a flash drive, we still remember the days when an 80 MB hard disk was humongous. So while it is not a real hard drive, Mini Hard Disk Flash Drive actually has 100 times more storage than a 80 MB hard disk. It wasn’t that long ago either when 80 MB hard disks were considered state of the art. It was around the early 1990’s to be exact.

Not only is the Mini Hard Disk Flash Drive built and look like an actual hard disk, it even lights up with a blue glow when plugged into a USB port. While we don’t remember our old drives ever glowing but it is rather cool.

The Mini Hard Disk Flash Drive measures just 1.4″(L) x 1.0″(W) x 0.3″(H).


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