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The cost of USB flash drives have dropped to the point where they can be given away for free for promotional purposes. Many companies do this instead of giving away CDs for example. One company has even produced a pack of disposable flash drives that can be given or shared out. The Gigs 2 Go Flash Drive Pack consists of a credit card sized pack of 4 USB drives with a housing made from cardboard.

The cardboard housing makes the Gigs 2 Go Flash Drive Pack really cheap to produce. Furthermore, the cardboard is renewable, bio-degradable and lightweight. The use of cardboard has another added advantage. You can just use a marker or a pen and instantly write a label on the drive itself. The drives are available in a set of four 8 GB or 16 GB flash drives.

The Gigs 2 Go Flash Drive Pack ensures that you will always have a set of USB flash drives with you for all kinds of uses. Use them to share photos, music, movies and large files with friends, family, clients and customers. Whenever there is a need, just tear and share.


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