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The Cassette Tape USB Flash Drive brings back fond memories of the days of mix tapes. If you are too young to remember these, back in the days before digital media, music used to be stored on a spool of magnetic tape wound inside a cassette tape. People will create mix tapes, a playlist of sorts, of their favorite music by recording songs on a cassette. And yes, mix tapes were a huge thing.

The Cassette Tape USB Flash Drive only comes with a measly 1 GB (although bigger storage versions are also available) but the 1 GB can now store much more than any mix tape ever could. A cassette could hold about 15 songs but a 1 GB flash drive can easily store about 250 songs. So stop complaining about the lack of storage. One great thing about the mix tapes of old was that it forced you to really think about which songs you wanted to add and the order of the tracks as well because you cannot easily skip tracks.

To add to the nostalgia of mix tape, the Cassette Tape USB Flash Drive even comes with a jewel case for storing the cassette. There is little chance of you managing to write down all 250 tracks on the included insert but then, you don’t have to fill up the entire 1 GB. You can take up the challenge of limiting yourself to only 15 tracks and pick just the best.


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