Flash Drive is founded by Roy Yap, a die-hard geek and lover of gadgets. This site is a spin off from popular gadget site, GetdatGadget.

Flash drives, USB drives, thumb drives, pen drives, USB sticks, memory sticks. Whatever you want to call them, flash drives are now much more than just an external storage device that are cheap and highly portable. Even with the popularity of cloud storage, flash drives are still a very popular medium for digital data storage.

Flash drives come in all manner of shape, size and design. Many have become highly sought collectibles and some companies have caught on to this by releasing limited edition versions. Because of their low costs, flash drives are slowly replacing CDs and DVDs as disposable media of choice.

Here at Flash Drive, we curate a list of some of the most awesome, quirkiest, weirdest, cutest and most wanted flash drives that we have come across. We hope that you like reading about them as much as we enjoyed putting the list together.

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