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This beautifully handcrafted 64GB Mechanical Memory Key is a USB flash drive that is housed inside a wooden housing made from Rippled Ash. But what makes this flash drive truly unique are the intricate mechanical parts that adorn the drive. These parts have been harvested from damaged or irreparable pocket and wristwatches.

The watch parts are painstakingly arranged and incorporated into both sides of the housing to give the 64GB Mechanical Memory Key that unique steampunk look. When plugged in, a tiny built-in LED lights up the mechanical gears. It is more of a fine piece of art rather than just a simple digital storage device.

The 64GB Mechanical Memory Key comes with a removable pocket watch chain for hanging around your neck. It also comes packed in a beautiful gift box that really adds to the overall look of the flash drive design.

Buy from Etsy

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